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Hi Mr. Ballmer,

I’m Pablo Roca a former Spanish MVP for Visual FoxPro during 7 consecutive years, till I was fired by promoting the MasFoxpro (MoreFoxPro) campaign (see http://www.masfoxpro.com). I work with your developer products since 1992 and I’m very sad to see how Microsoft is doing so bad lately.

First when you decide to abandon Visual FoxPro and not giving a real alternative to it (.NET is not a good alternative to FoxPro mainly in terms of productivity). Not all FoxPro developers moved to .NET, some are still in FoxPro and others gone to other developer platforms.

Then the .NET stuff. A MS Spanish developer manager told me some time ago very proud “in .NET there are about 15.000 developers working …” my reply was “then you must fire 14.900 devs, cause something must be wrong if 15.000 people are building a such improductive tool, good and innovative developments are done by medium/small groups”. .NET is oversized, you must keep it more simple and specially more productive for developers.

We can continue talking regarding Windows Mobile.

MS had an advantage cause you were the first there, but with lack of improvements and innovation you were totally surpassed by Apple & Android and lost 10 years doing few there. Your interview ridiculizing the iPhone was seen as a big mistake in your part. And now Android is selling quite well. Must we talk about the MS Mobile Market fail with less than 500 apps? Few move and few innovation leads to a big fail. Microsoft Kin born orphaned, cause they broke with the past and with the future. I see that Robbie Bach and James Allard quit marks the end of innovation in Microsoft various areas.

As a business executive you can see how badly are you doing in the market share with your stocks. Also your public image is not so good and not in the best position. You are not a visionary and every prediction you said all were a fail.

I’m very worried how badly Microsoft is doing lately.

For all of this I beg you to quit.

If you love Microsoft you must go to the board of directors and leave the CEO position to another guy. Microsoft must be managed by a techie not a businessmen. Why Microsoft must be managed by a techie? See your rivals all are tech guys, a tech guy could think more as an user, what he likes and wants and what not. Honestly when Bill Gaves was about to resign for his CEO position my bet was that Eric Rudder will take this position. Now I’m pretty sure he would do better than you.

I still love Microsoft and some of his products, so I ask you to enhace them and quit from CEO.

Do you love Microsoft?


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